The Witcher 3 free DLC run comes to a close; covers everything from finishing moves to facial hair

The Witcher 3

Not even the gross pluralisation of the acronym DLC can undo the good work CD Projekt RED have done since the release of The Witcher 3.

“We’ve been releasing free DLCs since launch,” said CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński yesterday. “And today’s release of New Game +, the 16th and last of them, marks a special moment for us and, I hope, for all Wild Hunt fans as well.”

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“I’d like to extend my thanks to all the gamers who played our game and gave these DLCs a try,” he added, doing it again. “I would really like to see such initiatives become an industry standard rather than an exception to the general rule, and I hope that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has set a good example.”

The DLC to date spans aesthetic additions – new finishing animations and alternative looks for Yennefer, Triss and Ciri – plus armour and weapon sets, as well as a handful of new quests.

But the most game-changing are The Witcher 3’s New Game+, which reconfigures the campaign to present a challenge to Geralts above level 30, and the Beard and Hairstyle Set – a cataclysmic shift that sees our hero’s beard growth stop in favour of predefined chin-fluff.

If you haven’t downloaded the lot already, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got those you’re interested in ticked on Steam – so that the service can include them in its automatic update process. On Origin it’s a matter of selecting the DLC in The Witcher 3’s ‘Add-ons & bonuses’ section – while GOG Galaxy users will find all 16 on the ‘Additional content’ part of The Witcher 3’s game page.

CD Projekt have a proud history of post-release support that finally seems to have caught on – at Gamescom, I saw no less than three RPG Enhanced Editions. Any there any late Witcher 3 adopters among you, swayed by DLC?