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The Witcher 3 has a second playable character, but you’ll need to play Where’s Wally to find out who

Witcher 3

CD Projekt RED have cryptically announced a second playable character in The Witcher 3 at this year’s Game Awards, although we’re still non the wiser about who it is. All we have to go off is a new trailer of the game, one that contains our mysterious sidekick.

Did you spot the playable character? Don’t worry if you haven’t – we’ve narrowed it down to three suspects.

Witcher 3 Women

This ashen haired lady appears to be quite the adept magic user; after all she does seem to dual wield staves with blue fire spouting out the top of them. If CD Projekt RED wanted to give us nice change of pace with the combat, a magic user fits the bill nicely.

Witcher 3 Man

This chap is a prime suspect. He’s another Witcher for a start – revealed by the iconic necklace bare on his chest. Another flag is the fact he’s actually fighting with Geralt himself. Assuming they both have very similar fighting styles with them being Witchers, it would be an easy no brainer for CD Projekt RED.

Witcher 3 Evil

Let’s play devil advocate for this one – who said the second playable character had to be a good guy? I sure wouldn’t say no to taking on the role of something that looks like a cross between Sauron and Skeletor. Maybe he’s not all that bad either. Geralt might have stolen his flesh – Witchers do like to harvest grizzly things for use in their alchemy – and this poor chap just wants it back.

What do you reckon?