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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video shows what Geralt can get up to as he hunts for monsters

The Witcher 3 developer diary

The CD Projekt Red developers should be working on The Witcher 3, but it looks like they are still stuck faffing around in ruined castles. They were there over a month ago when they detailed the world of The Witcher 3, and it looks like they haven’t left. Will someone please drive over there are give them a lift home? 

Until then, I guess we can watch them talking about what Geralt can get up to while he’s travelling the world, hunting down monsters. 

Walking, riding, swimming and sailing – there are a lot of ways for Geralt to get to where he’s going. And with such a bloody lovely world, I haven’t a clue why anyone would want to use the fast travel option. Of course, I say this knowing full well that I will end up using it because who but students and the unemployed have the time to wander around that much?

It’s due out in February next year. Hopefully by then, CD Projekt Red won’t be trapped in some ruins.