The Witcher 3 will not be getting any further mod support


Last week we all threw our hands in the air in celebration of The Witcher 3 picking up some official modding tools. Yet the ModKit provided by CD Projekt isnt’t quite what every fan is looking for. The Witcher 2’s mod kit allowed for massive change with a wonderful selection of robust tools, yet The Witcher 3’s tools are pretty much only about cosmetic changes.

If you’ve been holding out in hope that the newly released ModKit will be eventually upgraded to a more robust package, we’ve got some bad news for you.  

Responding on Twitter to a fan’s query on the matter, community manager Marcin Momot broke the news that CD Projekt are not looking to release anything else.

Fan disappointment is understandable, as The Witcher 2 saw a good collection of interesting mods which were all created in its excellent RedKit modding tools. Many players were likely hoping for Skyrim-levels of modding from The Witcher 3, which clearly can’t happen without more advanced tools. The game can be modded without official tools, but not as easily and with as much accessibility. So while we may well see some interesting mods, they likely won’t be in as much abundance as we would hope for.

Thanks, Gamespot.