The Witcher 3’s second playable character has been outed

The Witcher 3 Ciri

Last week, CD Projekt Red teased a second playable character for The Witcher 3, offering up a shiny new trailer that contained the mysterious extra character, but which of the folks running around in the video would we be getting to control? The devs were keeping quiet. 

But no more!

Joining Geralt as a playable character is Ciri, the silver-haired elf from the trailer, who is being chased down by the Wild Hunt due to her ancient bloodline or some sort of fantasy mumbo jumbo.

The stoic Witcher is a mentor to Ciri, teaching her how to be a monster hunter. CD Projekt Red describes her as a living weapon who is not too shabby with a sword and has a few magical tricks up her sleeve, like teleportation.

She’s not a protagonist, though. The Witcher 3 is still all about Geralt. It’s not clear how her story will be weaved into the game, and if she’ll have her own chapters or arcs or if players will be able switch over to her like they could with the Catwoman DLC for Batman: Arkham City.

The release date for The Witcher 3 was recently pushed back all the way to May 19th, which seems terribly far away.