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The Witcher 3 vagina mod saga finally has an explanation

The Witcher 3 vagina mod will be removed from the next gen update, as CD Projekt Red explains how the content accidentally wound up in the fantasy RPG game.

The Witcher 3 vagina mod saga finally has an explanation

After a The Witcher 3 vagina mod accidentally found its way into the recent next gen port of the fantasy RPG game, developer CD Projekt Red has now assured that it is working to remove the mod from the release while stating that the decision has nothing to do with being against nudity, but instead concerning the visual coherence of the game.

As part of The Witcher 3 mod integration into the next gen port of the game, CD Projekt Red said before the release that it planned to both credit and reimburse any modders whose mods were selected for the enhancement project.

So this means that plenty of long-time fan mods found their way into the official release of The Witcher 3, but an accidental oversight has seen The Witcher 3 vagina mod – called ‘Vaginas for Everyone’ – slip in unnoticed, having been included in another mod that was added by CD Projekt Red.

“As was understood by CD Projekt Red until very recently, the vulva textures in question were a part of the ‘HD Monsters Reworked’ (HDMR) mod, not the ‘Vaginas for Everyone’ mod,” CDPR tells IGN.

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“In 2021, at the time of signing the copyright transfer agreement, the HDMR mod author confirmed to CDPR that they were the sole author of the mod in question. The HDMR mod author granted CD Projekt Red rights to use the mod and was credited and compensated for their work.”

What appears to have happened then is a miscommunication, as CDPR would want to credit and reimburse any and all modders with one seemingly going unnoticed as The Witcher 3 vagina mod was integrated into another.

The author of The Witcher 3 vagina mod also tells Kotaku that they were contacted by the HDMR modder, and they asked if Vaginas for Everyone could be included and credited in their work, which seems to have been done anyway despite the vagina modder not offering a response to this request.

“The author apparently nevertheless used my mod textures for his/her own mod,” The Witcher 3 vagina modder tells Kotaku. “But also never mentioned it nor gave credits to me on the ‘HD Monsters Reworked’ mod description page.

“I think because of that – CDPR just never noticed it.”

The Witcher 3 vagina mod saga finally has an explanation

So to summarise: The Witcher 3 vagina modder was contacted by another modder about adding their work into a HD Monsters mod, then despite not responding their work was added in and not credited, which led to CD Projekt Red not knowing about the addition and adding the HD Monsters mod in with the vagina mod included as well, with the latter now being removed by CDPR.

“We want to also add that the removal of these elements is not intended as a statement against nudity or mature themes, but rather an attempt to maintain visual coherence across all character models — including these textures in the game was not something we planned from the start,” CD Projekt Red adds of The Witcher 3 vagina mod.

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