Witcher 3 graphics mod makes even the rocks HD


The first inclination of the common or garden PC gamer upon discovering a new, ridiculously pretty game is, apparently, to say “not good enough” and update the rock textures to be more HD. Such is the way for The Witcher 3, a new mod for which has been released that takes the prettiest game of the year and makes sure it can be the prettiest of the next too. It’s the work of modder Halk Hogan and it’s awfully lovely.

The Witcher 3 won our Game of the Year 2015 award.

The mod alters the following things to look extra-nice:

  • Rocks (almost all)
  • Spruces
  • Wood Crates
  • Sacks (primary)
  • Ceramic Roof
  • Checkered Floor

Best of all, it shouldn’t effect performance on good graphics cards, at least according to the creator. They’re working on a fairly chunky rig, but haven’t noticed any slowdown using aRadeon HD7970 3GB, though those with lower VRAM values might have more issues.

Halk’s particularly fond of his rocks, and dedicated an entire video just to them:

Shame YouTube has done its usual work on the encoding, but it does look rather great. You can read more about it and grab downloads from the official forum post or at NexusMods. I am taking a particular amount of pleasure from a graphics mod creator so obviously obsessed with the hottest looking stuff using Comic Sans MS as their typeface. Perfection.

Cheers, Blue.