Witcher 3 mod has you play as Ciri, Triss, more; body swap not 100% successful

The Witcher 3

If you’ve played much of The Witcher 3, you’ll have hopped out of Geralt’s body at regular intervals to occupy that of his stray ward, Ciri. Now one modder has made it possible to spend all of your time away from the witcher, in favour of playing as a friend or family member – so long as you can tolerate a certain amount of oddness.

Geraltered or no, Wild Hunt is one of the best RPGs you could choose to play on PC.

The weirdness stems from the fact that there are bits of Geralt left over after the body swap: namely his swaggering combat animations, and especially discombobulating, his voice. Not everything makes it across, either: you’ll have to sacrifice your Temerian, Nilfgaardian and Skelligian DLC armour sets.

But it works. Modder ParKan11 last tested their creation with The Witcher 3’s Steam version 1.11, and says it might not play well with mods that require xml editing. You’ll find instructions over at the Witcher Nexus.

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