The Witcher season 2 gets an ‘intimacy coordinator’ – so there’s probably going to be more sex

Toss a coin to your witcher, indeed

The Witcher franchise – whether we’re talking about the books, the RPG games, or the show – is well-known for its willingness to indulge in plenty of sex and nudity. Netflix’s production wasn’t shy either, including everything from Geralt’s stop at a brothel to Yennefer’s magical orgy, and it sounds like season 2 is going to step up the sex.

Lizzy Talbot has joined the crew for The Witcher season 2 as an intimacy coordinator, as Redanian Intelligence reports. Talbot is listed in the position for a number of upcoming shows, including Sky’s Intergalactic, HBO’s The Nevers, and Netflix’s Bridgerton.

This job title has been gaining traction in film and television over the past handful of years, and basically serves as a stunt coordinator, except for sex – ensuring that the actors are safe, comfortable, and that there’s clear communication about how to execute each sex scene. Ideally, that means both that actors have an easier time on set, and the hot stuff on TV looks better in the end.

HBO began the use of intimacy coordinators in 2018, and since instituted a policy that all its shows would use them going forward. Netflix followed suit with its Sex Education series in 2019. Since the first season of The Witcher didn’t have an intimacy coordinator, there’s a good chance the new season is going to put way more emphasis on the sex.

Reports are also starting to trickle out about more of The Witcher season 2 cast – including a few more witchers to toss your coins to.