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The Witcher showrunner is taking a break from Twitter after Ciri casting rumour

Netflix's Witcher showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, says she's going on a "Twitter hiatus," following rumours about the casting of Ciri

The Witcher 4 Ciri

The showrunner of Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, Lauren Hissrich, has announced she is going on a “Twitter hiatus,” a few days after rumours related to the casting of one of the show’s main characters arose.

In a tweet posted earlier this week (and which you can see below), Hissrich said it was “time for a Twitter hiatus.” She went on to say that “the love [on Twitter] is amazing, and the hate is enlightening, like a real-life Trials of the Grasses,” referencing the painful (and often deadly) ritual that leads to a young man acquiring his Witcher powers. Hissrich continues, saying that “I HAVE to read less and write more — or we won’t have a damn finale,” before saying that she’ll “be back soon with more insight and more Roach.”

Hissrich’s hiatus announcement comes a little less than a week after a casting call suggested that Geralt of Rivia’s adoptive daughter, Ciri, could be portrayed by a BAME woman. The (as yet unconfirmed) rumour has caused significant backlash within the Witcher community.

Hissrich has been clear that she does not comment on casting rumours until decisions are confirmed, and as such there is no official word on the validity of that casting call. We do know, however, that Henry Cavill has been cast as Geralt of Rivia.

The Netflix Witcher adaptation is due for release in 2019, having been moved forward from an original 2020 release date. Some of Hissrich’s recent tweets have suggested that several casting choices are well underway, so expect some more news at some point soon.