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Netflix wants Mark Hamill for The Witcher season 2, as more sources report

Maybe this is going to go the way you think

It seems the long-standing fan-casting for Mark Hamill in The Witcher has caught the eyes of Netflix. Multiple sources are now reporting that Netflix has offered Hamill a substantial role in The Witcher season 2 cast as Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir. The actor has acknowledge fan requests for him to take the role since long before The Witcher hit Netflix screens, and it looks like that’s turned into something more serious.

There’s no word on whether Hamill has accepted the role of Vesemir, but reliable Witcher TV news outfit Redanian Intelligence has backed up an earlier report from We Got This Covered that the offer has, indeed, been made. RI additionally reports that the part of Vesemir was initially offered to Michael Keaton and Mads Mikkelsen, though both actors declined.

Netflix is also working on an animated Witcher movie called Nightmare of the Wolf, which is all about Vesemir. If Hamill were, indeed, to take on the live-action role, his considerable voice acting chops might be a good fit for the animated film, as well – but that’s pure, hopeful speculation.

This all started because of a March 2018 tweet where a fan tagged Hamill for the role of Vesemir. Hamill responded by tweeting “I have no idea what this is or what it’s about but agree it could/should be played by me.” The official Witcher account responded with a suggestive eyes emoji and a quick Photoshop effort.

More recently, after Netflix’s Witcher series went live, the topic came up again. “I still have no idea what this is or what it’s about,” Hamill tweeted, “but I DO know they haven’t ever asked me to play Vesemir… yet.” This time, it was showrunner Lauren Hissrich who responded with the suggestive eyes.

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