Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 is back in production

The Witcher Season 2 filming is back up and running, as of today

Earlier this year Netflix announced on Twitter that The Witcher Season 2 filming would recommence in August, and now, just before the month’s midway point, that’s indeed true. One of the show’s directors has confirmed the exciting news on social media, along with a peek at how the crew is managing production on-set given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephen Surjik, director of two of The Witcher Season 2’s upcoming episodes, has confirmed the series is back up and running via an Instagram post (thanks, Redanian Intelligence). “It’s T-minus-three-min. to ignition and lift-off for our second run at Witcher S2,” the August 12 post reads. “Everyone is being cautious but spirits are high. You’re looking [at our] new COVID communication system, reducing close contact among crew,” the director says, thanking Netflix and other members of The Witcher team.

It seems the second season’s filming has resumed a little earlier than expected, too. The announcement posted on Twitter earlier this year – in the form of a lovely, Dandelion-esque rhyme, no less – said The Witcher team would “reunite on set August 17”, but it appears it’s already back on, as of August 12.

The production’s resumption follows the UK government and health bodies’ approval of some new safety guidelines, which were rolled out earlier this year to help big film and “high-end” series being filmed in the country to get started back up. The Witcher was in production at Arborfield Studios in the UK before its filming had to be halted earlier this year.


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It’s T minus 3 min to ignition and lift off for our second run at Witcher S2. Everyone is being cautious but spirits are high. You’re looking out new covid communication system, reducing close contact among crew. Thank you Matt, Kelly Lauren and Netflix. @netflix @lbuffers @mattotoole @romain.lacourbas @netflix @aliceswire @henrycavill @khivju @frayaallen @kellyluegen

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Surjik and executive producer and showrunner on The Witcher, Lauren S. Hissrich, have also been posting some tweets in the past week giving us a glimpse at the run-up to The Witcher Season 2’s continuation, as you can see below:

It’s not clear when The Witcher Season 2 will hit our screens following the delay, though Redanian Intelligence reports filming will possibly continue into 2021. In the meantime, we know that Industrial Light and Magic, the Star Wars effects studio, is working on the new series, The Witcher Season 2 won’t feature multiple timelines, and that it’ll have an ‘intimacy coordinator’, so we know there’s probably going to be a bit more, ahem, ‘action’ this time around.

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