CD Projekt RED call on The Witcher 3 modders to knit Geralt something nice for Christmas

The Witcher 3

The Northern Realms are hard enough in the summer, but soon they’ll look just as they did after the Wild Hunt passed through – covered in frost, and probably spangled with festive farmer’s blood for contrast. Y’know, the classic Christmas card image.

Thing is, that Wolf School gear isn’t built for cold weather. Consequently CD Projekt RED and NexusMods are running a competition for Witcher 3 modders, hoping they’ll weave something suitable for those “harsh Skellige winters”.

Reckon The Witcher will be remembered among the best RPGs on PC?

Expect an influx of outfits or seasonal trinkets for The Witcher’s inhabitants.

“It can be an epic armor for Geralt, a christmas hat for Johnny,” suggest CD Projekt. “Or candy canes for Nekkers.”

Once uploaded to the Nexus via the ‘Witcher Mod Contest’ tag, the mods will be judged by Poland’s finest. The winner will nab a “custom-made” Witcher sword – not an in-game item, but a very much out-game blade suitable for necking nekkers IRL. Check theWitcher site for details and legal restrictions on sending sharp objects in the post.

Think you’ll participate? Or pick from the best to dress your witcher afterwards?