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New GOG sale offers up to 90% off PC games, has penny-pinchers in raptures

GOG's Big Fall Sale is go. The Polish game distributor's purse-pleasing savings bonanza lasts for another 11 days, concluding on November 15. The sale claims to offer daily deals on over 350+ titles, with new bundle offers swapping in every 24 hours. Basically, if you're looking to pick up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at a slightly reduced price, you've come to the right rodeo.

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Sadly, I wasn't kidding with that 'slightly reduced' dig, because Geralt's latest costs a not insignificant £34.99 in the Big Fall Sale. Still, a 30% discount is better than having your limbs lopped off by a randy, paranormal adventurer.

If I may be so bold as to recommend some more fiscally savvy purchases, then you really can't go wrong buying Beyond Good & Evil for only £1.69. If photography and talking swines aren't your thing, perhaps you'd prefer all time adventure classic Grim Fandango Remastered, now being sold for just £3.39. Don't want to meet Manny for some wrong-headed reason? How about plumping for Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition at a teeny tiny £1.69. That's a hell of a price for such a generous bout of virtual malaria. 

If you're getting tingly and vaguely irradiated by all the current Fallout 4 release excitement and fancy getting in on some bundle action, GOG is selling the Fallout Originals pack (spanning the first two titles and Fallout Tactics) for £6.57.

In a semi-generous move, GOG is also giving away games for free.. well, as long as you stump up real human money for other titles first. Spend at least $5 and System Shock 2 is yours. Part with $15 and you'll get a helping of digital Vin Diesel with The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (it's basically the least offensive thing Big Vin has ever been in). Oh, and if you spend over $30 in the Big Fall Sale you'll be Banished... not as in you can never buy another game on GOG again, rather, you'll be given Shining Rock's decidedly decent city-builder for the whopping price of nothing. 

Now, excuse me while GOG shuts me up, then takes my money.


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Shriven Avatar
Shriven(7 hours played)
2 Years ago

Your move, Steam!

subedii Avatar
2 Years ago

You realise in a little under two months they're going to be having their massive, end of year blowout sale.

This isn't GOG one-upping Steam as such, really it's them _pre-empting_ Steam by getting their sale in first.

Similar happened last year with other retailers like Origin and (I think?) GMG. They tried to make sure that they had their sales out before Steam did.

Which is understandable. It's probably best not to wait and run a sale at the same time. The Steam end-of-year sale is typically the biggest and most well known, it kind of has a gravity all of its own.

Although to be honest, by the end of the year, typically whatever you wanted to buy has been on sale already previously and you'll have probably already bought it. And if it's a title that just come out near the end of the year, then the discount will probably be minor (assuming it even has one).

MrJinxed Avatar
2 Years ago

Obviously Shriven knows. It's still a great way to attract customers and promote brand loyalty. Plus it's seriously a case of good guy mentality.

Don't fool yourself into thinking the stores are having sales just because they're nice. Sales bring in huge amounts of money, and there are no competitors to steam. No real competitors anyway (though hopefully one day it'll happen), but nice extra bonuses like this is a cool move in my opinion.

But this isn't a pre-emptive sale either by the way. Gog will also have their end of year sale as usual (usually starting a few days before the steam sale).

Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

Steam sales will only give the same price at best, it's all a steam sale ever is these days, just the best prices the games have been previously on other sites, hell in certain cases the steam sale is still more expensive than the likes of Greenman and Amazon.