New GOG sale offers up to 90% off PC games, has penny-pinchers in raptures


GOG’s Big Fall Sale is go. The Polish game distributor’s purse-pleasing savings bonanza lasts for another 11 days, concluding on November 15. The sale claims to offer daily deals on over 350+ titles, with new bundle offers swapping in every 24 hours. Basically, if you’re looking to pick up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at a slightly reduced price, you’ve come to the right rodeo.

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Sadly, I wasn’t kidding with that ‘slightly reduced’ dig, because Geralt’s latest costs a not insignificant £34.99 in the Big Fall Sale. Still, a 30% discount is better than having your limbs lopped off by a randy, paranormal adventurer.

If I may be so bold as to recommend some more fiscally savvy purchases, then you really can’t go wrong buying Beyond Good & Evil for only £1.69. If photography and talking swines aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer all time adventure classic Grim Fandango Remastered, now being sold for just £3.39. Don’t want to meet Manny for some wrong-headed reason? How about plumping for Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition at a teeny tiny £1.69. That’s a hell of a price for such a generous bout of virtual malaria.

If you’re getting tingly and vaguely irradiated by all the current Fallout 4 release excitement and fancy getting in on some bundle action, GOG is selling the Fallout Originals pack (spanning the first two titles and Fallout Tactics) for £6.57.

In a semi-generous move, GOG is also giving away games for free.. well, as long as you stump up real human money for other titles first. Spend at least $5 and System Shock 2 is yours. Part with $15 and you’ll get a helping of digital Vin Diesel with The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (it’s basically the least offensive thing Big Vin has ever been in). Oh, and if you spend over $30 in the Big Fall Sale you’ll be Banished… not as in you can never buy another game on GOG again, rather, you’ll be given Shining Rock’s decidedly decent city-builder for the whopping price of nothing.

Now, excuse me while GOG shuts me up, then takes my money.