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theHunter adds new chilly reserve to its repertoire

Ah, animals: they're cute but also shootable. An eternal dilemma. Games like theHunter, a free to play hunting sim, try to solve this by giving us the opportunity to shoot animal-shaped pixels instead of the living, breathing versions. It's made by Expansive Worlds, a subsidiary of Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios.

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The snowy area, named Whiterime Ridge, was added in response to community requests for a less lush wilderness to go a-huntin' in. The environmental effects aren't just for show, with the cold slowly degrading your performance and eventually killing you if you don't wrap up warm and stay healthy.

A change of locale also means new animals to hunt and these come in the form of the Snowshoe Hare, Bison, Arctic Fox and Sitka Deer. It's the first time bovine creatures have been added, and the old hunter-favourite Moose will also show up.

Whiterime Ridge is available now in theHunter, which you can play for free right here or on Steam. Any hunter-sim fans out there?

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Anakhoresis avatarAnAuldWolf avatarTouche36 avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I don't know how anyone could play this sort of thing. If I were to aim a sight at even a low-poly, very poorly animated, blockily textured, and questionably sound designed critter so tremendously awful in design that those responsible would never, ever get work in the industry anywhere else?

I'd cry. Hands down, I would. I've been in that position. I whisk myself away from wolves and walruses with a whirlwind waddle of wanton desperation, I briskly burst away from burly bears, never looking back. It's my way. I can't do it.

I mean... Damn it, Jim, I'm an explorer not a destroyer of ecologies. I like to think that I'm actually, you know, exploring and not being some sort of one man cancer. I'm genuinely vexed and perplexed by those who enjoy this sort of thing. I know they exist, sure, but I'm baffled by their brains. I can't comprehend them.

I watch far too many documentaries and I've more than a passing, armchair interest in animal photography. When you've seen the far less noble, doofier, and playful side of all these critters, it's heartbreaking to even think of harming them. Even as a representation thereof.

And let's be honest, not all of them are inexcusable jerks. Like we humans are, along with monkeys and dolphins, and a few others I could name. Yes, dolphins. You really need to know what dolphins do but it wouldn't be polite to recant here when there might be children reading.

Touche36 Avatar
2 Years ago

I enjoy this game, but it's not something I would want to play regularly. It makes a nice break from the typical FPS as it is very slow paced, but the beautiful surroundings and excitement you feel when you get close to a creature you have been stalking for thirty minutes makes up for this. I am neither pro nor anti-hunting, but at the end of the day, this is a game. It does try to encourage 'ethical' kills (minimizing pain), so that's something I suppose.

Anakhoresis Avatar
2 Years ago

Maybe should have put a snippet about the microtransaction strategy in this game. Surely over 15,000 reviews on Steam with a rating of "Mostly Negative" deserves mention?

EDIT: Oh wait, never mind, looks like they must have added a better subscription option at some point. Though free to play is still a stretch, more like "Demo"