Theme Hospital is free on Origin, so go and save some lives and money

Theme Hospital free on Origin

The world is a sick place, rife with plague and exotic diseases. To help combat the likes of King Complex and Bloaty Head, Origin has added another game to the On the House program: Theme Hospital. We’re all saved.

Bullfrog’s eccentric hospital sim can be added to your Origin library free of charge, just by logging in and clicking a button.

Theme Hospital puts you in charge of a medical facility charged with curing illnesses both mundane and ridiculous – all in an effort to become filthy rich, of course.

Hospital bosses need to juggle their needy staff just as much as their needy patients, while also expanding the hospital with new rooms and new, high-tech equipment (circa 1997). And there’s the budget that always needs to be kept in check.

It’s only free for a limited time, so if you fancy being a saver of lives (and money), go and grab it now.