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There is to be an official Planetary Annihilation tournament: Battle of the Beasts

Planetary Annihilation is a game about sitting in the sky, so far away from giant robots that they look small.

Beastliness isn’t a trait much prized in high society - but that’s what Uber Entertainment are determined to reward in the first ever official tournament for their interstellar RTS, Planetary Annihilation.

A handful of the “beastliest teams” in the game will compete next weekend for a “unique (and beastly)” custom commander.

“Also glory,” note Uber.

Beginning at 11am Pacific time on Friday, March 28, the Battle of the Beasts will be an eight team, doubles-style affair hosted by Planetary Annihilation streamer ZaphodX on his own Twitch page.

The stream will be hosted on Uber’s official site, too - where you’ll also find archives of matches after they’ve unfolded.

If you like, you can watch the competitors being announced here in this video:

Or alternatively, because that was in the past, you can read the names I’ve written below.

  • PA Gods – clopse, matizpl
  • Hyperion - brianpurkiss, mered4
  • Team Quickstrike - burntcustard, martenus
  • Team Pink - Cola_Colin, Gunshin
  • Special Tactics - wpmarshall, Superouman
  • 420 Dunk Squad - masterofroflness, duhreaper
  • Super Godde Bros - Godde, Giggle
  • The Alliance - neptunio, Pt4h

Planetary Annihilation is no lunchtime slot-filler - Uber expect the first round between Super Godde Bros and Special Tactics on Friday to take up to two or three hours to conclude.

Competitors will use the custom maps Uber will provide for each tier of the tournament - though they’ll have a few days beforehand to get accustomed with the layouts.

Mods are permitted, however, and Planetary Annihilation’s early access status means Uber can’t police exploits as well as they’d like.

“Since we’re still refining and tweaking the experience, it’s possible that users will encounter bugs or discover exploits,” they write. “Obviously, we want you to play in the spirit of the experience, but we can’t referee bugs or exploits.

“If it’s in the game, it’s permitted.”

Battle of the Beasts is single elimination. If a team loses, they’re out of the tournament - which means the whole thing will be done in one, long night. Do you think you’ll tune in to watch each match back to back?

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Apocalypsy avatarTim Edwards avatar
Apocalypsy Avatar
4 Years ago

I'm excited, I bought the game and really like it, as it is a good RTS game. Such a shame this genre became overshadowed by a buttload of average FPS's.We can only hope that with the rise of new engines, like the nitrous engine etc. this genre will have a Renaisannce of it's own.

Tim Edwards Avatar
Tim Edwards(1 hour played)
4 Years ago

I'm a backer from the original Kickstarter, but I've been waiting for the game to be mostly finished before I dive in. Not really sure what state it's in, actually.

Apocalypsy Avatar
4 Years ago

You should really give it at try again ! It's now in Gamma, and they did some perfomance-tweaks and added a bunch of new units. I still miss a pause functionality though !