Thief 4 non-lethal playthroughs very much possible, say Eidos Montreal


Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

I spent some of yesterday evening sharing Dishonored anecdotes with my younger brother, and laughing about a shared incident in which we’d accidentally invited a gaggle of thugs through Granny Rags’ front door and watched limply as they trotted about her house, waving their batons. The incident stood out for want of a clear non-lethal option in a game that was otherwise laced with them. According to Eidos Montreal, a similar approach to design will be evident in their Thief reboot, which has been built from the ground up to be a pacifist’s playground.

“Garrett moves through the city using shadows and darkness,” wrote Eidos Montreal’s Adam Badke in a community blog. “He will encounter various scenarios with multiple challenges, steal priceless items and escape undetected.

“Players will have multiple ways to approach their objectives and each objective can be reached using Garrett’s various tools, by exploring and by playing with your environment.”

Difficulty levels will accommodate both new players and Looking Glass vets, said Badke.

“And yes, you can complete the game without killing anybody – Garrett is a Master Thief, not a killing machine!”

No sir, he is not. Anybody who attempted just once to go clangy-sword-to-clangy-sword with the city guard in Thief 1 or 2 can attest to that.

Eidos Montreal’s Thief emerged from a nearby dumbwaiter in a flurry of screenshots two weeks ago. It looks the business, does it not?

Thanks, OnlySP.