Watch Joel and Phil have a breakdown as they decimate the officer corps in This is the Police

this is the police let's play

As you know by now, we at PCGamesN are a pretty, pretty, pretty big deal in the Let’s Play game these days. But everything so far has just been a warm up for this triumphant moment.

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Today’s instalment sees Phil and Joel take the role of a police chief on the cusp of retirement, counting down his final 180 days on the job. This is the Police is a game about resource and time management, as you dispatch officers to various crimes taking place around the fictional city of Freeburg.

It’s also brutal, unpredictable, and a recipe for disaster/the kind outpouring of genuine emotion usually reserved for ‘dog welcomes back owner’ videos. Let’s just say our boys aren’t cut out for a life of crimestopping, but that doesn’t prevent them from getting invested.

We shan’t divulge any more as the video really speaks for itself. And if enough of you watch it, we’ll force them to do another shift at the helm of the FPD. We might even pay for their therapy afterwards.

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