This is the Police casts you as a retiring head cop faced with the morally questionable

This is the Police

This is the Police looks interesting, casting you as Jack Boyd, a police chief who’s being pushed out of the department by the city’s mayor, forcing you to make tough choices to balance your reputation with your retirement needs.

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This is a story of someone stepping over the edge, snapping after years of being an honest cop, and for what? For some corrupt major to tell you you’re being fired and you only have 180 days of service left.

During these last few months as Freeburg City’s Chief of Police, Jack has one clear target: $500,000 needs to be in his account before he leaves the office. You can co-operate with the mafia, take bribes, sell confiscated goods and more, but you’ll have to do it while balancing your daily routine and, hopefully, not getting caught.

Jack Boyd is brilliantly voiced by Duke Nukem himself, Jon St. John. Listen to his gravelly tones in the new trailer:

This is the Police will be out this summer as a digital download for PC, Mac and Linux.