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This portable gas stove gaming PC comes complete with RGB lighting

A gaming PC enthusiast has built a custom rig inside a portable gas stove and some people are joking that it just needs an Nvidia RTX 4090 as a heat source

A portable gas turned gaming PC with RGB lighting

Someone has built a custom gaming PC inside a portable gas stove, complete with RGB lighting. Although it’s clearly not being used as an actual cooking appliance, some have been joking that an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card could easily be repurposed as a source of heat.

TikTok user Sunoshop demonstrates this nifty looking setup, with a brief video giving an overview of this unique gaming PC. Sadly, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s powering this ex-camping equipment, and its creator hasn’t given any information about what hardware they’ve used This means it’s hard to tell if it’s the best gaming PC around, but as an RGB sleeper rig, it looks pretty cool, and the user has shown that it does indeed work.

Some users, on Reddit, have been cracking wise about how it just needs an Nvidia RTX 4090 to turn it into a working stove again. Since releasing not long ago, team green’s Lovelace flagship has been getting some stick for some cable melting issues. Even if Sunoshop did want to put a 4090 in this PC, it would have a hard time fitting, given the sheer enormity of the GPU.

Jokes aside, it’s a sweet looking gaming PC, making use of something that would not traditionally go near a computer. It also, once again, shows that custom builds don’t have to be massive to be functional. Take this PS5-sized system as just one example, and there are plenty more options for the best mini gaming PC around, which not only recycle old items, but save space as well.