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This Thunderbolt 3 hub could turn ordinary laptops into gaming beasts


Following on from today’s news that Nvidia are bringing heavyweight graphics cards to laptops, there’s some future tech that could allow you to beef up your laptop externally whenever you fancy it. 

In theGizmodoreport we are shown a hub that uses Thunderbolt 3, Intel’s super speedy take on USB-C. It’s apparently powerful enough to allow you to augment a relatively weak laptop with an external graphics card, while charging the laptop, displaying on two 4K monitors and powering your USB devices – like an external SSD – at the same time.

Because the hub comes with an external graphics chip inside you can hook up a graphics card and play modern games. Gizmodo have a picture of the hub with aAMD R9 200 series connected.

While some Thunderbolt 3 products are set to arrive at the end of the year, don’t expect to see the hubs on commercial sale any time soon. For now they’re just Inventec reference designs, but it’s a glimpse at the sort of thing we could be seeing in the future.