Survival management game This War of Mine gets a November release date and a gloomy trailer

This War of Mine release date

I don’t expect to have much fun in This War of Mine. War’s not really a great source of fun, especially not for civilians caught in the middle of one, and these are the protagonists and, sometimes, antagonists of 11 Bit Studios’ grim survival management game. Not fun, then, but potentially very compelling. 

It’s due out in only two weeks, on November 14th. 

Rob was put in charge of some survivors earlier this month, and was sucked in by the uneasy brilliance of This War of Mine. Here’s what he had to say:

“Implicit in This War of Mine is that, once this war ends, people have to live with what they did. They have to remember the people they didn’t help, the things they stole, the compromises they made. They forced me to ask whether there might be a price for life that isn’t worth paying. Their deepening sadness forced me to consider whether there were other choices, and if I wasn’t just too callous and paranoid to explore them.

“This is the thing I love about This War of Mine. It doesn’t offer any clear answers. A war arrives and it imposes choices nobody should have to make. Then it asks whether your characters would want to live with them, because they may not be able to survive without them.”