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This War of Mine paid off its own development costs in just two days

This War of Mine review

Sitting atop the Steam charts is about as good for the coffers as you might imagine, as evidenced by news that This War of Mine recouped its development costs in only two days.

Developer 11 Bit Studios announced the success alongside patch notes for their siege-centric side-on Sarajevo survival sadness sim, which has been floating around the Steam Top Sellers list since launching on November 14th.

11 Bit also detailed some of the stats they’ve recorded since the game went live, including the rather depressing fact that “less than 11% of players managed to see the end of the war”.

Here are the patch notes for version 1.1.0.

Features and tweaks:

  • A new radio station, featuring the music by Cool Kids of Death.
  • Unlocked two additional dweller setups on higher playthroughs.
  • Graphical improvements on various locations.
  • Minor changes in French, German and English localizations.
  • Minor animation improvements.

Fixes and balancing:

  • Fixed “Input Not Supported” bug on Windows.
  • Changed fullscreen mode handling on Windows.
  • Improved game stability based on crashdumps sent by players.
  • “Aggro bug” fix. NPCs should no longer attack or flee without reason.
  • Fixed broken trade. NPCs should no longer trade their entire stock for one item (Marketplace, Garage).
  • Price changes now have an impact also on selling items to NPCs.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to prevent items from getting stolen during night attacks.
  • Fixed a bug with getting stuck with only one initial dweller group.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect shelter description when Reinforced Door was built.
  • Fixed a bug with visible gendertag in shelter description.
  • All achievements can now be unlocked.

This War of Mine is currently 10% off on Steam.