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Thomas Was Alone updated with free prequel DLC about hope and jetpacks

Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin, mid-flight.

It has been such a very long time since I played Thomas Was Alone. But I do remember that it was good.

Besides successfully pairing the lessons of graphic design with 2D platforming, creator Mike Bithell also told a sharp, open-hearted story about friendship via the escapades of regular quadrilaterals. 

The whole thing was delivered like a cozy audiobook by British funnyman (and voice of Assassin’s Creed’s Grumpy Shaun) Danny Wallace, and I’m delighted to see it prequeled in new DLC Benjamin’s Flight.

Steam copies of Thomas Was Alone have already updated – all except the Linux version. Bithell will be implementing a fix for that just as soon as he gets back from the dentist this afternoon.

Benjamin’s Flight was released first as part of the game’s recent PlayStation release. Described as a “big thank you to everyone who believed in our silly little game”, it features a new script, voice over work, and two new songs for its soundtrack.

“Benjamin’s Flight takes place before the events of Thomas Was Alone, and tells the story of the first AI to discover something very dangerous,” writes Bithell. “Hope.”

Strapped to a (presumably angular) jetpack, Benjamin will chase the distant glow he’s “long admired from afar”. A bit like Jay Gatsby, then.

Thomas Was Alone is 60% off in the Steam Summer Sale, y’know. Pennies. Do you think you’ll play it (again)?

Cheers, RPS.