THQ now courting bids for individual studios and franchises


The equity company that is currently fronting THQ has agreed to accept bids on individual assets of the publisher. This means that publisher like Warner Bros. and EA may soon make bids on THQ’s studios such as Saints Row’s developer Volition or Company of Heroes’ developer Relic.

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Over the weekend we brought you news that the US judgeoverseeing THQ’s bankruptcy hearing,Mary Walrath,had denied the management of thepublisher the right to retain control during its bankruptcy, and that she had expressed displeasure at the closed nature of the current bidding process. It turned out that Clearlake Capital had been rejecting any bids on THQ that weren’t for the entire company, not just individual assets. Over the weekend they have reversed theirposition.

According to VentureBeatand DDInvesting, EA has been visiting THQ-owned studios today and may be putting in a bid soon.

The auction of THQ will take place on 22 January.