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Three more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots


It’s like Chinese water torture, this. Having released three on Monday. Rockstar have released three more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots, this time based around the theme of ‘Leisure’. They show leisurely dirtbike racing, leisurely paragliding and leisurely tennis playing. Take a leisurely look!

There once was a drip-feed campaign
About which so many complained
From this screenshot we’ve learned
The Sanchez is confirmed
But tomorrow we do this again.

There once was a funtennis game
Which Rockstar do seek to reclaim
Table Tennis reprised
(Though this time full-sized)
Putting Virtua Tennis to shame.

Grand Theft Auto brings backparagliders
And hopefully graphical sliders
This looks way too nifty
To be on 360
Or on Sony’s Playstation 3 either.