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Bloodborne meets Bloodborne PC Thymesia delayed but still soon

Team 17's new Dark Souls-like game is essentially Bloodborne PC for anyone waiting for actual Bloodborne, and there's a new Thymesia release date

The plaguebearing protagonist of what is essentially Bloodborne PC for now, and the Thymesia release date is now confirmed

If you’re completely done with Elden Ring and are after a new Dark Souls-like experience, but are still desperately hoping for a Bloodborne PC release, Team 17 may have you covered – and while its Thymesia release date is delayed, the plague-ridden take on Bloodborne is still coming August.

There have been a lot of rumours over the years about From Software’s PS4-exclusive classic Bloodborne getting a PC release, but as of right now it doesn’t look like it’s happening – despite exclusives like Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 1 being on their way.

Therefore, there’s a gap in the PC market for a good game to take Bloodborne’s absent throne. Nacon’s Steelrising is out in September, but first up is Team 17’s Thymesia – a Souls-like set in a grey, twisted, Victorian-like world scarred by a plague, which players can weaponise in combat.

What is the Thymesia release date?

Thymesia will release on August 18, after a brief delay of one week.

The main standout differences between Thymesia and Bloodborne seem to be the use of plague-spreading during combat to negatively affect opponents and the lack of a stamina meter. A staple of From Software games, including Elden Ring, not having stamina means that Thymesia is a little more combat and combo-focused. Interested players done with Elden Ring and looking for a new Souls-like challenge can pick it up in August.

The next From Software game after Elden Ring seems to be a new Armored Core game, so don’t even expect Bloodborne 2 just yet – let alone a port. There is a Bloodborne kart racer coming to PC though, and no, we’re not joking.