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Classic MMO Tibia finally makes looting easier in new summer update

Tibia has been around a long time but its features arrive slowly, a few quality of life changes have just arrived with a big summer patch.

Classic MMO Tibia finally makes looting easier in new summer update: A king in Tibia unfurls a scroll.

The last time I played Tibia was in 2004. I formed a band with a friend and we played tunes for coins outside a tavern in one of the game’s main cities. With no music in-game, it mainly consisted of us copying and pasting lyrics into chat – but it still lingers as a moment only possible in an MMO, especially one of a certain vintage. Still going strong today, a new update has just hit the game and it adds a ton of stuff along with some much-needed quality of life features.

Tibia is one of those games that’s famously difficult. Forget your Dark Souls and the like, this MMORPG has some truly brutal gameplay mechanics – not least of which is the huge penalty you receive when you die. Looking like Ultima 7 and playing like a slower Diablo, Tibia is a game which appeals to a certain type of player who’s willing to look around rough edges to get to the meat of a title. Released back in 1997, it’s a minor miracle that it’s still going and still receiving regular updates.

The Summer Update has just landed for the game and with it comes some sweet treats in a few different forms. One is a new area called Candia which is – you guessed it – candy themed. There’s a terrifying monster called Podzilla that’s now attacking the mainland with heroes required to fend it off, and brave players can dive into the Soulpit to truly test their mettle against some truly horrible creatures.

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Away from new things, some quality of life improvements have arrived and they have the potential to really sand off some of the rough edges of the game. You can now perform area of effect looting – one of the greatest features to hit any game and finally it’s made its way to Tibia. Gone are the days of clicking each individual corpse to grab things you’ve missed, it’s time to vacuum up everything in one go as befitting a modern player in 2024.

The game’s inventory has also received a few changes, making managing your loot a lot simpler. You can now sort your inventory using a variety of criteria, so you can order things by weight or name along with a bevy of other options. If you’ve been playing for a while you’re probably sitting on fat stacks of goods, and finding what you need can be an endless chore – something that’s now hopefully a thing of the past.

The Tibia Summer Update is out now and if you’d like to get the full lowdown, head over to the official site for the complete look at what’s included.

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