“Tigers in cages are exploding barrel 2.0” says Far Cry 3 designer. “We also have sharks.”


You might have noticed an angry tiger bursting out any E3 footage of Far Cry 3. It’s very exciting. At E3, we had a chance to ask Far Cry 3 lead designer Jamie Keen about the game’s use of animals. It turns out that angry fauna is part and parcel of Far Cry 3.

“We’re using animals in a very specific way in the trailer,” explains Jamie. “In this sequence, the tigers are red-barrel 2.0. We’re really trying to push this idea of the world being a living environment,” says Jamie. “That means that when you’re hunting animals, you’re not only the hunter, you’re being hunted as well.”

In the trailer, we saw monkeys and macqaus, and a manta ray. We asked Jamie what other animals would be appearing.

“Do you have sharks.”

“Yes. We do have sharks.”

“Will they be on fire?”

… a brief pause.

“If we can manage it, our sharks will be on fire.”