Tiktok creator puts diamonds in gaming PC, lowers CPU temps

A Tiktoker has conjured up a potential new way to bring CPU temps down, and it involves mixing diamonds into your gaming PC thermal paste

Screenshot of CPU and hand applying thermal paste with Minecraft style diamonds on top

A Tiktok gaming PC creator has discovered a new way to bring CPU temps down, and it involves mixing the thermal paste with diamonds. While this expensive idea sounds absurd, it could actually come with performance boons and help boost fps in demanding games.


In a recently uploaded video, creator Mryeester (aka Adam Yee) mixes a bag of 25-carat ground diamonds with thermal paste to find out if they can improve CPU performance. The chaotic gaming PC Tiktok creator explains that the precious gems are five times better at transferring heat than copper and silver, which provides the experiment with a hypothesis.

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Remarkably, adding the diamond powder to thermal paste actually results in lower CPU temps, with things settling at 46°C under load. For context, most idle processors will sit between 30 to 40°C, so being able to achieve similar temperatures while putting a chip to work is impressive.

Just like with all risky PC experiments, we’d advise against trying this experiment at home, as you could damage your pricey gaming CPU. That said, Mryeester’s results speak for themselves, even if the whole practice requires long-term testing.

Next-generation CPUs are on the horizon, and Intel Raptor Lake chips could set the clock speed bar higher than ever. Of course, you’ll need to use the best CPU cooler to harness to reach such performance heights, but perhaps we’ll see manufacturers produce diamond-infused thermal paste to combat cooling woes in the future.