Watch an artist recreate a traditional work in VR

Tilt Brush

Virtual reality is pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s not just for videogames though, there are other applications for the tech, like adult movies, actual movies that you can watch from a virtual cinema, virtual reality experiences and, in this case, art. 

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In the video above, artist Simon Spilsbury sketches a skeletal artwork on a board and then recreates it in VR. It’s incredible how close it is, and the fact it’s in 3D makes it even more impressive.

There have already been some amazing creations made in Tilt Brush by professional artists, from colourful parrots to a volcano spitting embers into the air. You can get a glimpse of some other creations in the official Tilt Brush video below.

If you have a Vive, you can buy Tilt Brush on Steam for $29.99.