HTC Vive content bundle chucks three games at your face when you buy

HTC Vive

If you’re still looking to get into VR, even after HTC raised the Vive’s UK price due to the falling post-referendum pound, then there’s now a bundle of experiences to ease that money from your wallet.

Looking for more games to entice you into the plunge? Here are the best VR games so far.

Starting Friday, every HTC Vive will now come with a Steam code for The Gallery – Episode 1, Zombie Training Simulator and Google’s Tilt Brush.

The Gallery is an episodic VR adventure with hints of 80s fantasy films, where you are tasked with finding your missing sister amongst a strange forgotten world. Zombie Training Simulator appears to be a preparation app for the end of the world, and Tilt Brush, in case you’ve not seen it by now, lets you paint in three-dimensional space.

The bundle is a nice extra for a headset that now costs £759 without P&P, though you’ll of course still need the megaflops to back it up and a hangar-sized living room to flail around in while you paint Toucans and bash zombies. There’s still Valve’s other free suite of VR apps, The Lab, to mess around with if you accidentally spend all of your games budget on leaping into the future and can’t afford any actual games.

As always, see Valve’s little VR hub for any more information on the techno assimilation.

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