Beaver city-builder Timberborn gears up for its first content updates, starting with fences

Timberborn is starting to get its first major updates

A city built in Timberborn, filled with fences

‘Beaver city-builder‘ continues to be my favorite three-word game description in, well, ever, and any excuse to keep using it is okay by me. After a successful debut in Steam Early Access, the devs behind Timberborn are starting to gear up for the game’s first big content updates. For now, we’re getting fences, but bigger things are in the works.

As of today’s update, you can now build log fences, plank fences, and metal fences. They’re all intended as decorative objects, so they’ll help give your constructions a more organised feel. As the devs note in the announcement, the paper mill has also been redesigned with a more symmetrical model to make it easier to integrate into your town.

There are also some changes to the needs system in here, with more to come. Needs are now grouped, so you’ll see, say, hunger and thirst grouped under the basic need category. “Needs previously reserved for adults are now also available to kits,” the devs note. “What it means is that it is now possible to reach population well-being of 15.”

Those changes are setting the stage for “a large content update coming that will make good use of the updated needs system”. The devs tease that “it will be something tasty.”