Beaver city builder Timberborn sells over 130k units in one week

Beavers and city-building games go together like peanut butter and jelly, as the early success of Timberborn is showing

A town constructed in beaver city builder Timberborn

‘Beaver city builder’ is a delightful combination of words, and I’m glad I get to keep using it, because it seems that Timberborn is making its mark in the hearts of PC gamers. The game hit Steam’s top seller charts alongside its debut in Early Access, and now we know exactly what that means in concrete terms.

After one week in Early Access, Timberborn sold 130,000 units on Steam, as developer Mechanistry has announced in a press release. Those sales are spread across Steam, GOG, and Epic. The game has also just cracked a 95% positive rating in user reviews, which puts that lovely ‘overwhelmingly positive’ label on the Steam store page.

Early Access for Timberborn is scheduled to last for at least a year. Right now, the devs are focused on improving the tutorial and building out the save system, so that the game can support cloud saves and GeForce Now in the future.

Check out a trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

For more city-building games, you can follow that link. For more beaver games, well, we’ll have to hope and dream real hard.