Steam Next Fest demo: Tinykin is the new Pikmin Nintendo’s not making

Tinykin brings Pikmin, Mario, and a little dash of Paper Mario together, with a Steam Next Fest demo now live

Leading a group of Tinykin

Tinykin looked adorable and endearing when we first took notice of it last year, and now we don’t just have to look – we can play, too. The Steam Next Fest is live with far more demos than anyone could ever possibly play, so I’m digging into what catches my interest and reporting back to you when a game seems worthwhile.

And, friends, Tinykin definitely seems worthwhile. You arrive on planet Earth way too small, and you’ve got to make use of itty-bitty creatures called Tinykin to make your way through the world. Tinykin come in different varieties with their own powers, and the way they follow you around will make the Pikmin comparisons immediately obvious.

But where Pikmin is a time management and survival game, Tinykin’s demo reveals that it is, in fact, a 3D platformer. It’s a lovely one, too, with snappy controls and giant, open-ended levels filled with secrets to uncover. It’s also combat-free – at least in the early parts of the demo – so if you’re looking for a chill time, Tinykin provides.

You can play the demo for yourself on Steam, or check out a quick trailer below.

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