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Titan Quest just got a new expansion with a full campaign and endless challenge mode

Titan Quest: Atlantis is another new expansion for the ARPG

Titan Quest: Atlantis is another modern expansion for the 2006 action RPG, following up on 2017’s Ragnarok release. We’re apparently living in a new era of modern expansions for old games, and the sudden release of Atlantis brings plenty of new elements to the Grecian Diablo-like.

Atlantis has you – perhaps joined by some friends for six-player co-op – seeking out the titular lost kingdom in a new set of story quests set across the Mediterranean. That story will bring you through a selection of brand-new areas, and there are new quests in locations from the original game, too.

The quest will bring you “new items,” “unique rewards,” and a new tier of skills in every mastery – just the stuff you’d expect from an ARPG expansion. You’ll find a Casino-style merchant where you can fritter away your late-game money on randomised loot. There’s also a new endless mode called Tartarus, which puts you in wave-based challenges with randomisation to keep things fresh. That mode is fully playable in co-op, too.

This DLC also adds some more general improvements, like quick cast and easier storage options, and new graphical features including SSAO and colour grading.

The cinematic trailer above can offer a bit of extra flavour.

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Titan Quest: Atlantis is available now on Steam (on Twitter, THQ Nordic says it will hit GOG “before the weekend) with a 10% launch discount, which brings the price down to $13.49 / £12.59 / €13.49. It requires Titan Quest Anniversary Edition to play, which is down to just $3.99 / £3.59 / €3.99 until May 13.