Titanfall 2’s first free DLC map, Angel City, is live for everyone tomorrow, December 3

Titanfall 2 DLC

Update December 2, 2016: Titanfall 2’s new map, Angel City, will be playable for everyone tomorrow as the first free DLC drop from developers Respawn. 

People who pre-ordered have been getting stuck into the remastered Titanfall map since November 30, but we’ll all be able to wall-run, slide and stomp around the map’s confines in massive robots from December 3.

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All post launch maps, weapons and modes will always be free in Titanfall 2, so expect more new content in the future too. As for a glimpse at what’s coming, the original post below lays out some of Respawn’s plans.

Original Story November 22, 2016: Titanfall 2 is getting a significant DLC drop at the end of this month, adding a new map, weapons, kits, an execution, a stat screen and more, all for absolutely free. The only thing that will be premium are some optional customisation options that only affect appearance, and these aren’t gamified in any way – see the one you want to buy, spend money and it’s yours.

“In addition to the free stuff, we will be opening a store in game with the launch of DLC #1 that will allow you to purchase new skins, camo and Prime Titans if you want for a modest price,” say Respawn on the announcement post.

“We will have no in-game currency exchange. No locked loot boxes, crafting shards or pay-to-win weaponry. No RNG. If you see something you like, you buy it and that’s it. These in no way effect stats and are purely cosmetic. We will have two Prime Titans available at launch. They have new chassis and assassinations but function the exact same way as their original counterparts.”

Here’s all the free stuff:

  • Angel City map: A fan favourite map from Titanfall 1 is reborn for Titanfall 2.
    • Fans that pre-ordered Titanfall 2 will get access to the Angel City map starting on November 30. All other players will get access to the Angel City map starting on December 3.
  • Wingman Elite Pistol
  • Titan Kits: Get more customisation for your Titan with these all new kits.
    • Ion: Refraction Lens
      • Splitter Rifle splits 5 ways
    • Scorch: Scorched Earth
      • Flame Core ignites the ground, leaving thermite in its wake
    • Northstar: Threat Optics
      • Enemies are highlighted while zooming in
    • Tone: Burst Loader
      • Aiming allows the 40mm to store up to 3 shots to burst fire
    • Legion: Hidden Compartment
      • Power Shot has two charges
    • Ronin: Phase Reflex
      • When doomed, Ronin phases out of danger
  • Pilot Execution: Inner Pieces
    • Phase into an unsuspecting victim
  • Stats screen
  • FAQ menu
  • In-game store

There’s also a bunch more content planned to land this year, all at varying scopes. Some of the planned updates have been laid out below, but there will be more maps, weapons and more in 2017.

Game mode twists

“Changing things up and trying out new ways to play is a big part of how we work here at Respawn. We’re carrying that philosophy over to multiplayer with semi-regular events that will change up rule sets on certain games, giving them a ‘twist’ to how you might normally play them. Changes like these force players (and ourselves) to look at the game differently and try some things you may never have tried before.”

Double XP weekends

“Beyond new content and rules that change the game, we’re also big fans of giving excuses for all your friends to pile into Titanfall 2 over a weekend to reap bonus XP, level up faster or unlock a weapon you’ve had your eye on and generally have some fun. Don’t forget to coordinate with your Networks to optimise your happy hour merit madness!”

Top Networks recognition

“Networks represent our grand experiment to make Titanfall 2 a meaningful social experience for all players. Being a part of a Network is a great way to meet new people and get bonuses for playing, so every week you’ll find us calling out a few Networks we think are worth checking out. You can join as many Networks as you like, so make a point to join one that interests you! It’s a great way to meet fellow Pilots and have fun together.”

Social giveaways

“Make sure to follow @respawn because every Wednesday we’ll get doing random giveaways that could be anything from the Titanfall 2 Art book, signed posters, and much more.”

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