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Titanfall 2’s boxed edition comes with a download code, not discs

Titanfall 2 disc

If you’re thinking about buying the physical edition of Titanfall 2, it might be worth reconsidering, as it doesn’t come with discs. 

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If you buy physical editions because you like to use discs – like some sort of caveman – you’re out of luck. The physical edition of Titanfall 2 instead comes with a download code.

We already know games gave up on instruction manuals ages ago, so you’re buying an empty case, essentially.

It gets you out of the house, I suppose – unless you buy online, but then why would you not just use Origin?

This sort of thing is becoming increasingly popular these days and it does make you wonder why they even bother with a physical edition at all. It’s understandable why they don’t print discs, though – I mean, how many discs would Titanfall 2 take up? Who wants that?

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