Titanfall 2 free DLC lands March 30, while a single-player mission also goes gratis

Titanfall 2 campaign

To tempt more people to buy their excellent FPS, Respawn are releasing Titanfall 2’s addictive training Gauntlet tutorial, along with a single-player mission, for free. This will land along with a complimentary content update on March 30. 

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Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet already has an amazing speedrunning community around it. In fact, just recently this one guy turned in an incredible time running the course backwards. Have a watch at that link, it’s pretty impressive.

The single-player chapter that will be playable for free is called The Beacon. It’s the sixth mission for the perfectly-paced campaign, and it has a good mix of all-out battles, puzzles, and parkour platforming. It’s a solid choice and it should prime you for Effect and Cause once you decide to pick the game up.

If you’re hankering to try the multiplayer, there’s a free trial weekend that will start on March 30 and run through April 3.

March 30 is also when the DLC drops at no extra cost, too. Colony Reborn adds a reimagined version of Colony – a fan favourite map from the first Titanfall, all narrow streets and interior cut-throughs. There’s also an all-new Pilot execution, Curb Check, and a fresh weapon: the R-101 carbine.

In addition to the new content, Titanfall 2 players can also purchase new cosmetic items including Prime skins for Northstar and Legion, new Camos, Callsigns, and more. Check out the trailer at the top of this page for a quick look.