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You can customise your mech in Titanfall 2 with garish camo and ‘Thug Life’ art

Titanfall 2 customisation

Respawn have revealed Titanfall 2’s customisation options, letting you tweak your soldier and mech to show off your personality. 

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Titanfall 2’s new customisation options will let you deck your mech out it looks like a canary after a round of paintballing, dazzling your enemies with your pink and yellow combat armour and your massive purple gun.

There are also a bunch of awful, boy racer-style vinyls you can slap on your mech, like the scantily clad woman one above, titled Thug Life. This is a real thing.

Outside of this silliness, there are some practical applications, I suppose – you could spray urban camo on for use in wartorn city maps to make your enemies miss, for example. If you want to mess with colourblind people like me, go for a red camo and watch them struggle to track you with their red dot sights.

There’s some lovely looking gameplay tucked in the new video, so it’s worth a watch for that.