New Titanfall 2 banner pays tribute to a popular streamer’s dead dog

Titanfall 2 dog

Titanfall 2 is getting a new banner that pays tribute to one of its community members’ pet dogs, who died recently. Prepare to get a little sad and then a little happy while reading this story…

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First, the sad: YouTuber Iniquity Games, whose Titanfall 2 videoshave helped to bolster a small gathering of appreciative playersamong the game’s larger community, revealed on Twitterthat his dog Onyx died on June 25th.

He’d had Onyx for the past 18 years and said that the loss “hurts a lot.” Shortly after, Titanfall 2 players started to rally on Reddit in an effort to get developers Respawn Entertainment to put Onyx in the game “in respect for what this guy has done for the community.”

Fabulously, Respawn Entertainment saw the news of Onyx’s passing, as well as the community’s appeal, and responded yesterday with their own Reddit thread.

“We were touched and saddened to hear about the passing of Onyx from Iniquity,” Respawn writes. “Many of us at the studio are parents to pups and we can empathize with the pain of that loss. We also recognize the contributions and awesome content that Iniquity has brought to Titanfall 2 and we’re thankful to have him and other awesome community creators that have supported us and the game.

“It was incredible to see the community rally behind this cause and once we saw it our artists were inspired to support so today, we’re confirming that Onyx will live on in Titanfall 2 in the form of a callsign banner that we will include in a future DLC drop. It will be unlocked from the start so all can equip.”

You can see the banner, designed by concept artistRodrigo Ribiero,at the top of this article. There’s a larger version hosted on Imgur. It’s very cute – check out that neckerchief!

Respawn also put out a call for players to name the Onyx banner and invite people to leave suggestions in the Reddit thread. Check out the entries so far or go ahead and add your own. Look out for the banner in future DLC.

Thanks, Kotaku.