Titanfall 2 teaser clenches a robot fist in anticipation

Titanfall 2

It’s almost E3 time, so you know what that means: loads of short teaser trailers that don’t really show you anything. This time it’s Titanfall 2.

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The last Titanfall 2 teaser gave us a flash of robo leg, and this one reveals a little more, showing us a mechanic fist clenching. EA are clearly being overly generous here.

Don’t think too much about why the titan’s pilot would bother clenching the robot’s fist, because it just looks cool, alright? As you can see below:

Other than a robot fist and a tiny pilot standing nearby, we also get a fleeting look at one of the maps. My guess is it’s a titan production line of some sort. You heard it here first, unless I’m wrong, in which case you can shut up.

According to a rumour, Titanfall 2 will feature larger maps and grappling hooks. If those weren’t on our wishlist before, they are now. Here’s everything we want from Titanfall 2.

Tune into EA Play on Sunday for the full look, or just keep an eye on PCGN and we’ll bring you all the news as it happens. Titanfall 2 is expected to release three weeks from Battlefield 1’s October launch.