Play Titanfall 2’s multiplayer free for an unlimited time between December 2-4

Nvidia Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is the best shooter of the year and you can already pick it up for a fraction of the price it launched at. In case that hasn’t tempted you, though, it’s now getting a limited trial so people can give the multiplayer a whirl just before Christmas. 

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While the excellent single-player campaign won’t be part of the deal, the limited time trail goes live for Origin Access members from tomorrow, November 30. Everyone else will be able to jump in from December 2-4.

Which modes and maps are on offer isn’t clear, but you’re not limited to how many hours you can pump in during the trial period. Stay up for 48 hours playing non-stop if you want.

Basically, do whatever you want, but just download the demo and give it a go. It really is very good, and if you don’t download it you should never be allowed nice things again.

Any progress made during the trial can be transferred over to the full game when you decide to buy it, too.

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