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Two new maps, two Live Fire arenas, and a new Titan are coming to Titanfall 2 free

Titanfall 2 Angel City

Respawn are still plugging away on the best shooter of 2016, releasing new content for free at a steady pace. They’ve just announced what will be coming over the next couple of months, both in the form of new content and game updates. 

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Between now and the end of June, Titanfall 2 is getting the following for free:

  • Two more general multiplayer maps – Glitch and Relic
  • Two more Live Fire Maps – Traffic and Deck
  • A new Titan
  • A new faction
  • Marked for Death game mode
  • More Pilot executions

There will also be two more purchasable stuff, such as camos, skins, and new Prime Titans: Ronin and Tone.

Outside of that, you can expect tweaks and refinements, like improvements to matchmaking, wait time, and other little fixes. There will also be expanded settings for Private Match, and a Gen cap increase to 100.