Titanfall 2 teaser shows a flash of robot leg, announces worldwide reveal on June 12 | PCGamesN

Titanfall 2 teaser shows a flash of robot leg, announces worldwide reveal on June 12

Titanfall 2

A Titanfall 2 teaser has just landed and it's literally just a flash of metallic leg. Ohh, matron. 

Titanfall 2 will join our list of upcoming PC games as soon as we get a release date.

Respawn Entertainment have led with one of those announcements of an announcement that are suddenly so popular, but at least we got a little sneak peek at some juicy new stuff - like a massive flipping sword!

It looks like titans will be able to properly duke it out melee style this time, which could produce some incredible scenes. Let's just hope they nail the controls, so it's not just a case of who can smash their face into their keyboard the fastest. 

Other clues are light on the ground, but trailer guy's accent suggests a South African setting. We'll find out properly on June 12 when the actual reveal happens. 

Check out the teaser below and head over to the new Titanfall 2 site to follow any upcoming announcements.

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subedii avatarKirk McKeand avatarMasa IV avatar
subedii Avatar
2 Years ago

Pretty sure "trailer guy's accent" is the sort-of-badguy of the first game.

Weird as it is, the game did have a storyline. It was just very hard to follow the way they designed the game.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

Ah, I didn't realise, having missed the first game. He'll always be Trailer Guy to me.

Masa IV Avatar
2 Years ago

Buster Sword = Final Fantasy VII/Titanfall cross-over confirmed. #Emerald&RubyWeaponsWereTitans #tinfoilhat

Actually, I really enjoyed the first one. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay. The movement in Titanfall just felt so smooth and precise. It was the first (and only) game of that type that I "prestiged".