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Titanfall PC beta picks up all registered players, plunges them into its metal chest for a spin

Early word has it that the jumpy men are more fun than the mechs.

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Over the weekend, Titanfall beta access has been determined by a simple algorithm which divided your total shoelaces by the number of YouTube freerunning videos in your browser history, and timesed the result by the aggregate negative comments made about Call of Duty in forums across the internet. Respawn then checked to see whether the calculation yielded an odd number – and if so, fired a code your way.

They’re not so picky today, thankfully. The developers are opening up the beta to anybody who registered their interest before Saturday, February 15 at 4pm PST.

Respawn began to roll out access to registered PC players in the early hours of this morning. For those people, the game will now be accessible via the My Games Library tab in the Origin client.

The developers tweeted a couple of hours later that data servers were “slammed”.

“Apologies for those trying to get in, doing our best to improve wait times (& more servers will be up at launch),” they wrote.

“If you’re having issues connecting, be aware the servers are being slammed. Not fun, but helping us create a better experience at launch!”

Respawn also mentioned a “known issue” with visual artifacts when using Intel graphics cards that the developers are now “looking into”.

The beta will run till Wednesday, February 19 at 6pm PST – a day longer than planned to make up for server downtime on Friday. Will any of you lot have a chance to play before teatime tonight, do you reckon? If so, let us know how you get on in the comments.

Cheers, Polygon.