Titanfall demoed for over 10 minutes, still not nearly enough


Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Titanfall landed at Australia’s EB Games Expo this weekend without its pilots, who stayed home to continue working on the thing in California.

Even now, after a few demos of this kind, it’s still a real heart-in-mouth moment when a robot retrieves a running man from beneath its feet and lifts him into the air, plunging him into its chest rather than crushing his bones into chalk.

That said, you’ll watch the robots do the chalk thing too:

Titanfall’s ‘campaign multiplayer’ is still a bit of a mystery – it remains to be seen how Respawn have managed to integrate their character building in such a way that players don’t lose their minds with tedium every time they play the same map. ‘Oo-rar’ soon becomes ‘Oo, I’d rather not’.

It’s tempting to point to Left 4 Dead for answers – but even a four-player co-operative game allows for moments of pause where a competitive shooter typically plumps for noise.

Respawn’s Call of Duty-honed fondness for set pieces, reassuringly, has been replaced by “dynamic moments” created by players. And then there’s that double-jump madness, which combines the twin genius of Brink and Tribes for a probable playerbase larger than both multiplied.

Camping is impossible in Titanfall, reckons community manager Abbie Heppe. And according to our Jules in his Titanfall hands-on, the best bit is losing. Can you believe that?

Thanks, PC Gamer.