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Titanfall mech allocation explained: “everyone in the match could have a Titan on the battlefield at the same time”


Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Of the big games shown off at E3 it’s Titanfall which has stuck most in my mind (except The Division, but Ubisoft are still keeping schtum on a PC release). Since E3 developer Respawn Entertainment haven’t revealed a great deal more info.

One nugget that’s been released is the way that mech spawning will be handled. Namely would most players be outside of mechs for the bulk of the game. Apparently not.

Speaking to MKGaming, community manager Abbie Heppe said that mechs will be available on a timer, not a team timer but one for each individual player. “You can decrease the amount of time it takes to call in a Titan by completing objectives and getting kills. Once you lose your Titan the countdown starts again. It is possible that everyone in the match could have a Titan on the battlefield at the same time.”

To cater to the potential of every player walking about in a mech, Heppe said that even the smallest levels are pretty huge: “We have to have maps that support not only the Titans which are over 20 feet tall but also human-sized Pilots, so even our “smaller” maps are pretty large comparatively. What’s cool is each map has areas for Titans and areas for Pilots, so you get these smaller maps built into the larger ones and all these cool pathways through them.”

Here’s that E3 trailer in all its glory:

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