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Titanfall’s 144hz patch increased rate-of-fire, but it’s all fixed now

Titanfall 144hz patch

This week Respawn patched Titanfall to support refresh rates of up to 144hz, hoping to make its robot rock-em-sock-em shooter – which Rob loved in his Titanfall review – just that bit smoother for people with great rigs. But there was an unforeseen consequence in the patch: with increased framerates comes increased rates of fire. 

Thankfully Respawn were hot on the case, and have quickly cooked up a fix that maintains the 144hz support and keeps those fire rates steady. 

The revelation of the patch’s side-effect came in this YouTube video, which demonstrated that at 60fps Titanfall’s carbine empties its magazine in just over three seconds. The patch allows the game to exceed 60fps, and when boosted to 120fps the same carbine magazine can be emptied in two-and-a-half seconds. Not a huge difference, but in the heat of battle that extra fire rate could be crucial.

Respawn have fixed it though, informing PC Gamer earlier today that everything should be back to normal now. An unfortunate mistake, but thankfully it took just a day for Respawn to corner the problem and squash it under its heavy metal boot.